Automatically sync the status of your transactions in order to know what orders have been accepted, are on hold or have been denied

You won't have to check each individual channel for transactions. Here you'll have full access to check which client has bought what and in which channel.

With payever transactions you can export your transaction list to a csv or excel file where you'll be able to analyze them more closely

Access quickly the full history of your customer's orders, shipments, invoices, returns, top selling items and preferences.

How does it work?

1 Open the Transactions app

2 View of your transactions

3 Check individual settings

4 Filter & Search your transactions

1. Open the Transactions app

Open the transactions app in your dashboard

2. View of your transactions

Here you will find a list of your client transactions with the most important information - channels, payment methods, order number, names and more

3. Check individual settings

Open an individual transaction to see every detail broken down by category.

4. Filter & Search your transactions

Filter transactions by category and also search directly for specific transactions you want to analyze.

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