payever Statistics

Understand your data.

You deal with thousands of information every day. But the most important answers are the hardest one: "How much did we sell this month?". "How much today?". "And what is our most popular product?". payever Statistics provides exactly this: Answers for questions of your daily business. In an easy overview. Customisable to your business.

Detailed segmentation

Group customers based on their purchase behaviour , lifetime value, transaction volume, country, products they chose and many more.

Multiple sources

Choose the sourses to collect data from - have the general statistics for all your stores, shop systems and apps in a single dashboard.

Abandoned carts

Connect your statistics with marketing and reduce the number of abandoned carts with the personalized emails.

Automated integration

Integrate the statistics app easily to any of your existing shop systems or online stores and start making data-drive business decisions today.

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