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1) Installation

Go to the Magento Marketplace and install the Magento 1 or Magento 2 extension.

2) Credentials & Options

Test Mode:

In test mode you can test the plugin – easy and completely for free. You can find the test data here.

If you don’t need test mode, please only use your own credentials that you can generate in your Magento app at “API”.

3) Manage payment options

At System → Configuration → Sales/payever you can find the settings for all payment options.
Following settings can be changed:

a) Enable: Activate/deactivate payment option in checkout
b) Neworderstatus: Choose the status of a new order
c) Title: Rename title of payment option in checkout
d) Displayed Message :Change info text about payment option in checkout
e) Sort Order: Which rank has the payment option under payever in your checkout
f) Minimum Order Total: Minimal total in order to choose payment option
g) Maximum Order Total: Maximal total in order to choose payment option

Purchasing process from a customer’s view

1. Choose articles and put into shopping cart

2. Confirm shopping cart and go to checkout

3. Create an account or proceed as guest

4. Type in address data

5. Choose shipping method

6. Choose payment method

7. Confirm order and click “Place order”

8. Customer gets redirected to payever checkout. He adds all necessary payment information and completes the payment.

9. Customer completes order and gets to a success page.

Icons / Apps_External / MAGENTO 1