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1) Installation

1. Go to your JTL backend, click on “Plugins” in the menu and choose “Pluginverwaltung”

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2. Choose «Upload» and click on “Auswählen”

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3. In the backend of your JTL shop, go to “Plugins” → “payever GmbH” → “Einstellungen”

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4. Enter your API keys and manage your settings

2) Credentials & Options

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You can test the plugin – easy and completely for free. Please find the test credentials here.

If you don’t need test mode, please only use your own API credentials that you can generate in your WooCommerce app at “API”.

3) Manage payment options

At Storefront → Zahlungsarten → Übersicht you can find the settings for all payment options. Following settings can be changed:

a) Angezeigter Name: Rename title of payment option in checkout
b) Bild-URL: Change the url to the picture file
c) Gebührname: Rename title of payment option fee
d) Erlaubte Kundengruppen: Select allowed customer groups
e) Sortiernummer: Select which rank has the payment option under payever in your checkout
f) Hinweistext: Enter a payment description text
g) E-Mail: Bestätigung der Zahlung: Choose if JTL should send a payment notification mail
h) E-Mail: Storno der Bestellung: Choose if JTL should send a notification mail in case of a cancelled transaction
i) Zahlung vor Bestellabschluss: Choose if the payment should be completed before the order is created
j) Akzeptieren Gebühr: Choose if you want to cover the payment fee or if you want your customer to cover the fee
k) Variable Gebühr: Variable payment fee
l) Fixe Gebühr: Fix payment fee
m) Anzahl Bestellungen nötig: Choose how many order the customer has to do in order to be able to choose that payment option
n) Mindestbestellwert: Minimal total order to choose payment option
o) Maximaler Bestellwert: Maximal total order to choose payment option

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Purchasing process from a customer’s view

1. Choose articles and put into shopping cart

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2. Confirm shopping cart and go to checkout

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3. Create an account or proceed as guest

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4. Type in payment data and complete payment

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5. Get a summary of your order

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Icons / Apps_External / JTL 1