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1) Open your DanDomain Dashboard

Login to your DanDomain Webshop at http://www.dandomain.dk.

2) Install Payment API

In your DanDomain Webshop backend open the apps section and install the Betalings API application.

3) Add a new payment option

Go to Indstillinger (settings), select Betaling (payments) and click on the button Tilføje (add new payment).

3) Set up the payment option

Fill out payment method name, e.g. «Santander Installments». You can add a Santander logo to the payment method as well. Choose Betalings API in the drop down menu Vælg betalingsløsning (Choose payment solution) and enter your business number at Forretningsnummer (Business number). Set your API URL (link can be found in the DanDomain app in your payever account). Select all payments by checking “Alle” at Tilladte korttyper (Permitted types of cards) and set «Status» to «live» for your payment application. Select all countries where you want to offer your payment method in the list. Finally, save your settings by clicking the Gem button.

4) Set Filter

If you want to offer payment methods that have e.g. a minimum and maximum amount you also need to create filters.

Icons / Apps_External / DAN DOMAIN 1