Manage your products throughout every sales channel from a single application - control your inventory, sales, shipping and returns.

Add as many categories for your products as you wish and segment your products with our filters to get insight on stock levels, price levels, variants and much more.

Define your cross-selling and up-selling offers for each of your products and increase your average order value. Offer your customers and your business more value with each purchase they make.

Keep track of your products and inventory automatically, both in-store and online. It will also synchronize your inventory stock throughout every channel in which you sell your products, relieving you of having to do it manually.

How does it work?

1 Open the app in your dashboard

2 Add and configure your first product

3 Configure your sales settings

4 Start Selling

1. Open the app in your dashboard

Get started by locating the Products app in your dashboard

2. Add and configure your first product

Hit the ground running by adding your first product and configuring settings such as images, variants, inventory and an attractive product description to increase your sales.

3. Configure your sales settings

Here you will be able to determine which channels you'll post your products on, establish other cross-selling products to offer with it, and input your shipping and tax settings for each product.

4. Start Selling

After you've set up all your product's settings you are now ready to start offering it to the market!

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