Run your local business with the virtual terminal provided by payever. Use your regular personal computer, tablet or phone to manage your local inventory or accept payments by sending your customers a link via sms or email. Everything works smooth together and is easy to use.

How does it work?

1 Choose product or type amount

2 Send via email or SMS to customer

3 Customer receives e-mail

4 Clicks and comes to the specific payever Link

5 Buys via different payment options

1. Choose one or many customers

The customer selects the products or types the amount via desktop, tablet or phone directly inside the local store.

2. Create a personal offer

Type the E-Mail of the customer or phone number directly into the terminal.

3. Customer receives E-Mail

Within seconds the customer receives either an email or sms on the phone.

4. Clicks and comes to the specific payever Link

The customer clicks the link and comes to the specific payment page to purchase the goods either directly in your local store or at home.

5. Buys via different payment options

The purchase can be easily finalised by offering all kind of different payment options.

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