payever Partner

Let’s change commerce together.

Who are our partners?

payever’s partners form part of the wide spectrum that makes up E-commerce. We have partners who build shopsystems and plugins, online payment applications, marketing solutions and anything that you need to run an online business.

Solution Partners

Diversify the solutions we offer.

payever’s solution partners are companies that have added their solutions to the wide spectrum of our services. Companies like Santander, Stripe, Debitoor, E-conomic and Paypal are all our solution partners since we have integrated their services into what we offer for sellers online around the world. They enable us to expand and diversify our offering to merchants, and ultimately our clients end up winning from these alliances since they have more power of choice. Online merchants now have more variety than ever when it comes to offering solutions ranging from online payments to shipping, accounting, messenger providers and more.

Santander Consumer Bank

Integrate a 3rd party solution

Market to merchants

Cross sell to private customers

Integrate a 3rd party solution

Market to merchants

Cross sell to private customers

Platform Partners

Expand the payever platform.

Our platform partners such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and practically any shopsystem or external platform out there can extend the services provided by payever into their own platform. This increases payever’s network effects throughout Ecommerce since we are able to provide services for practically any shopsystem in the world, and it gives any online shop the opportunity to diversify what they offer through payever.

Additional partners types.

Service Partnership

payever’s service partners focus on building our merchants’ brands through functionalities ranging from website UX and design, video, content strategy and more. In other words they facilitate the process of not only making a website tailored to the client’s needs but also actually helping build the brand itself.

Extension Partnership

Our extension partnerships are for those who see an opportunity to enhance or improve the solutions offered by payever and want to build on top of them.

Community Partnership

If you’re an individual developer or maybe have a small team you can join our community partnership to have access to our platform and source code to help you build your own personalized solutions.

You tell us!

If you feel you would make a good fit and have a fruitful partnership with us, but you don’t find a fitting category, please contact us to see how we can make it work!

Why partner with payever?

The payever Partner Program is structured to help you create, launch and reach customers like never before.

Give your technology exposure.

By partnering with us you can take advantage of our network of sellers throughout the world and expose your technology to each and every one of their clients. We take care of all the technical requirements to integrate your solutions which gives you the opportunity to allocate your resources purely towards making the most impact possible for consumers. We will work closely with all our partners to ensure swift iteration and effective execution of new product developments in order to guarantee the most seamless experience possible.

Extend your reach.

Be known

Use payever to let your solutions or products be known to the world. It’s no use to have the best product if no-one knows who you are.

Use our network

We have a vast network of partners and sellers online who you can use to improve your product and learn best practices so you don’t have to make unnecessary mistakes.

Go direct-to-market

Use our platform to take your solutions directly to market without wasting time and get valuable feedback from real consumers.

Become a payever partner

Regardless of whether you’re building shopsystems, developing commerce solutions or creating extensions we look forward to seeing what we can do together!

Register as a payever Partner

Once you register we can start collaborating by giving you all our information and knowledge to ensure you work with the best processes and methods available!

Stay in touch on a regular basis for new developments
Cooperate with our merchants to receive constructive criticism of your products
Release your solutions and scale them effectively with our network
Improve your learning curve by following our tried and tested methods