You have access to every customer profile throughout different channels as you sell and scale - enabling you to maintain a close relationship with each client - big or small.

With payever Contacts you now have the ability to know everything you need to about your customers to thrive.

Our application will suggest customer groups where you'll be able to segment your contacts based on amount spent or activity online.

Import customers from a CSV file if you want to add profiles on scale to your business.

How does it work?

1 Open the Contacts app

2 Either add a contact or import a list

3 Collect data and create customer groups

4 Make informed decisions

1. Open the Contacts app

Open the contacts app in your dashboard

2. Either add a contact or import a list

Get started by adding your first contact or importing a customer list

3. Collect data and create customer groups

Once you start collecting data on your customers, you'll be able to group them based on their activity or by channel.

4. Make informed decisions

When you have data and customer demographics collected, you'll be able to make accurate business decisions

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