Group your customers based on their behavior, preferences, location, channel of communication or any other characteristic you would define.

Automatically send targeted messages with new offers or discounts to a chosen customer or a group of customers.

Create, edit and send personalized messages based on the needs and behaviours of your customers.

Save time by searching for specific conversations within customer or employee groups.

How does it work?

1 Open the Messenger app

2 Start a conversation

3 Edit your messenger contacts

4 Create customer groups

1. Open the Messenger app

Open the messenger app in your dashboard

2. Start a conversation

With payever Messenger you'll be able to speak to employees, individual clients and customer groups that you've previously segmented.

3. Edit your contacts

Edit your contacts in messenger with specific information that will help you build specific data on each and every one of your clients or employees.

4. Create customer groups

Take your communication a step further by segmenting your customers or employees into specific groups so you can streamline communication.

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