You can integrate payment methods ranging from Santander installments, Paypal, Paymill, Sofort, Stripe or direct debit. You name it, we’ve got it.

The checkout process is an essential part in your sales funnel and being able to personalize it according to your brand is important to help you increase conversions. With payever Checkout you have full control to edit every step until your clients purchase.

In payever Checkout you can easily integrate external applications like DHL, Twilio, UPS and Fedex to automate the shipping process.

With payever Checkout you can build and save numerous unique checkout processes with different settings.

How does it work?

1 Create your Checkout

2 Add wanted payment methods

3 Personalise your checkout

4 Add channels and integrate external applications

5 Edit the steps in your checkout process

1. Create your Checkout

Here you'll be able to create a specific type of checkout based on personal preferences. Once you create it you'll be able to see each section eligibible for configuration

2. Add wanted payment methods

Add the desired payment options that you want to offer your clients

3. Personalise your checkout

Design the checkout process as you please by adding widgets and customizing the structure.

4. Add channels and integrate external applications

Add applications such as DHL, Twilio and Fedex in order to facilitate the post sale process.

5. Edit the steps in your checkout process

Determine the step-by-step process that your customers will go through from the moment they start the checkout until the make the purchase.

Accept payments

Accept any credit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods during checkout

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